Balkan Bridge for Drug Prevention

Regional initiative (Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Albania and US), sponsored by the East-East Program of Open Society and the National Institute on Alcohol and Alcohol Addiction (NIAAA), USA, focused on sharing of best practices and introduction of the US experience in school level prevention. 

Civil Society for Drug Demand Reduction

A PHARE Networking Facility Project, which aims to build up the capacity of organizations in four CEECs - Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovenia so that they can better manage local drug-demand prevention and early intervention programs. The focus of work covers: NGO organizational and management capacity building; rapid need assessment methodology; design, implementation and evaluation of primary prevention and early intervention programs; public awareness raising and advocacy.


The long-term aim of the project is to help reduce the level of drug use among students in two pilot schools in the town of Pernik /in accordance with the local security contract of the municipality/ and test the CAPRA model for proactive solution of the problem with the involvement of all local stakeholders. The specific goals of the project include: improvement of the competence and skill level of school psychologists, police officers and parents in the field of primary prevention, and introduction of a program for drug prevention among pupils in grades 4 and 5. The project is sponsored by Open Society Institute - Sofia and Open Society Club - Rousse.

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