For 12 years ECESP has provided unique and dynamic education and training experience to committed leaders, experts, administrators and managers from Eastern Europe. As part of its activities ECESP has assisted the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia in their endeavours to achieve the standards required for integration into Europe. Since 1998 ECESP is active in Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Romania with the aim of helping these countries attain similar standards. Over the course of its activities ECESP has educated and trained over 1500 trainees from the above eight countries, including over 250 persons from Bulgaria, in areas like public administration, finance and banking, regional development, risk management, health financing, international health, labor, NGO management, etc. 


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Capacity Building

Index Foundation provides capacity building and tailored consulting services to NGOs and local aauthorities in areas like Project Cycle Management, Logical Framework Approach, Civic activism and citizen participation, Community mobilization,Monitoring and evaluation, under various projects and upon request.

Index Foundation

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