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Patient Rights

The Foundation is working for promotion and protection of patient rights in Bulgaria through research and analysis of the European and international law, dissemination of best practices, creation of data bases, higher NGO awareness and competence, initiatives for creation of complaints procedures and ombudsman in health ombudsman, a bulletin on patient rights, consulting services, etc. The Foundation's activities in the above areas are sponsored and supported by various donors: the Royal Government the Netherlands, the Open Society Institute, World Learning/USAID and the Bulgarian Health Project/Bearing Point, USAID.

Projects implemented in the field of patient rights:

Patient Rights Monitor

The Patient Rights Monitor is a bulletin issued by the Foundation, intended for non-governmental organizations, public and municipal agencies and institutions, and all agencies and individuals interested in patient rights and health issues.


In January 2004 Index Foundation established a health ombudsman office in Yambol City, made possible under a project initiated by the Foundation with initial funding provided by the Royal Government of the Netherlands. This was the first attempt to introduce a special health ombudsman providing assistance to citizens seeking response to their questions and complaints related to health issues. Thus opportunities are provided for better health rights protection in the municipality.

National and International Conferences and Round Tables

Several international conferences and round tables have been organized by the Foundation in the field of patient rights and other topical health issues with the participation of representatives of government agencies and institutions, NGOs and all key stakeholders in the field of health. 
Recently the efforts of the Foundation in that area have received support from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the British Academy of Sciences.

Sociological Surveys

For the purpose of estimating the level of patient rights awareness and information Index Foundation conducted two sociological surveys in three pilot regions in the country.

Research and Analyses

A team of experts of the Foundation has completed an extensive comparative study and analysis of the status of patient rights and the existing legal systems and protection mechanisms in 12 European countries. The final report from the study is made available to the public.


The Foundation offers training in the above areas to NGOs, health professionals, journalists and all interested parties.


Creation  and Development of Structures for Citizen Participation in Decision Making in Health on a Regional Level in Ukraine - TACIS Institution Building Partnership Programme (IBPP)  

A collaborative EU-funded international project designed to strengthen citizen participation in health in Ukraine and Bulgaria (2005-2008).The main activities of the project include study and exchange of experience in the field of health policy and public health  among the Ukrainian and Bulgarian partners, creation of Community Health Counsels in Ukraine and organization of their work, conducting of joint public activities (conferences, round table meetings and workshops) on health policy and public health issues, preparation and distribution of information and methodological materials and transfer of experience between Ukraine and Bulgaria.

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